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Tarot Readings

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***Please Note: Different Readings are different prices. They start at $5.00 and go up.***

Examples of Tarot Readings Available:

One-Card Reading-

This is the pull of one card. It is your choice as to whether you would like a singular message from guides, such as from our animal messengers, or messages from Gaia. You can choose a reading where you need to know what area of life to focus on right now.

Three-Card Spread

You can choose spreads such as:

Past, Present, Future

Problem, Resolution, Final Outcome

What You Are, What You Want to Be, What’s Blocking You From Moving Forward


Five Card Spread-

Goddess Wisdom Spread

Why Is This Happening Spread

General Health Reading


We also offer the Celtic Cross Reading, Your Year Ahead Spread (12-Card), Sabbat Spreads, and Self-Healing.

***Please keep in mind, these are just examples of some of our readings. We have many different readings and spreads available and can also tailor our reading(s) to what you are looking for.

Prices Vary.