"Love is in the Air" February Monthly Magick Box

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This month's box is full of everything you need for the heart.

Love Bath Ritual Kit

Amore Red jar candle-

Red Pillar Candle

Large Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz bracelet with metal heart charm

Large Lavender and Chamomile bar of soap

Addition herb pouch with bath salt, Hibiscus and Pepermint Herbs, to use as an additional reinforcement to your ritual. (at a later date)

Gorgeous hand made piece from Enchanted Reveries. Each piece is handmade with polymer clay. There is an assortment of charming pieces, we will select one for your box using our intuition. (This piece alone is worth $18.00!)

This is a beautiful collection that will warm your heart and aide you in your magickal workings.