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Abalone Shell Tumbled Gemstone

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 For centuries, this magnificent water shell is used to cure the physical troubles of the beings. It is known to handle the heart, muscles, as well as joints problems effectively. It has given a title of a valuable gemstone for its great curative properties it carries along. The lining of this shell covering ranges from white to varied colors which too holds different energies and help to mend the problems wearer is facing physically. It further holds the properties which help the carrier to get over his strains along with his muscle spasms. It is too known to be beneficial for nerves and on the other hand help to stimulate the reflex action. It is intended to promote the immune system by removing toxins from the torso of the wearer. 

This is a must have crystal, and being that it is a tumbled stone, it is easy to carry, wear or hold as needed. This is not a full sized Shell.