A Year and A Day Class Enrollment April 15th-April 30th - The City Witches

A Year and A Day Class Enrollment April 15th-April 30th

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This course is your first step in dedicating yourself to the Wiccan way of life. This course consists of daily activities, education, or meditations designed to help you incorporate the ways of Wicca, the God and Goddess each and every day. 

Topics that will be covered in the Course include, but are not limited to

  • The History of Witchcraft
  • The Burning Times
  • Wicca
  • Magickal Ethics
  • Altars
  • Sacred Tools
  • Candle Magick
  • Crystal Healing
  • Meditation
  • Astral Travel
  • Spirit Guides
  • Nature Spirits
  • Familiars
  • Reiki
  • Chakra Work
  • Magickal Use of Herbs
  • Correspondences
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Sabbats
  • Esbats
  • Moon Phases
  • Elements
  • Divination
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Pantheons
  • Dreams
  • Tarot

Enrollment is open from 04/15 through 04/30/18. Payment is due in full and is non refundable, should you choose to drop out of class, or are unable to finish your assignments by their due dates. This course will consist of weekly lessons as well as assignments due weekly. You will also have to complete and pass a final exam, in order to complete and receive your certification.  Please keep in mind this is a year and a day commitment. Once you pay for your class enrollment, we will send you a student welcome packet. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us!