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Herbal Packets

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Allspice - Healing, Luck, Money

Agrimony - Protection, Sleep

Alfalfa Leaf - Anti-Hunger, Money, Magic, Prosperity

Angelica Root - Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Visions

Bay Leaf - Dreams, Healing, Protection, Visions, Repels Negative Energy

Basil (Egyptian) - Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Protection

Benzoin Gum - Prosperity, Purification

Black Tea - Prosperity, Strength, Fortitude

Blessed Thistle - Protection, Spiritual Aid

Calendula (Marigold petals) - Clairvoyance, Energy, Legal Matters, Phophesy

Cedar - Healing, Money, Protection, Purification

Celery Seed - Lust, Mental Powers, Psychic Powers

Chamomile Flower - Money, Sleep, Love, Purification

Chaparral Leaf - Healing

Chickweed - Fidelity, Love

Cinnamon Cassia - Spirituality, Success, Lust, Healing Power

Coltsfoot Leaf - Love, Visions

Copal Oro - Love, Purification

Coriander Seed - Love, Health, Healing

Dandelion Leaf - Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes

Dill Seed - Love, Lust, Money, Protection

Elder Flower - Protection, Sleep, Healing, Prosperity, Exorcism

Fennel Seed - Protection, Healing, Money, Purification

Fenugreek - Money, Fertility

Frankincense - Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality

Gotu Kola - Meditations

Gum Arabic - Protection, Psychic Powers

Ginger Root - Love, Money, Power, Success

Hibiscus Flower - Divination, Love, Lust

Hyssop - Purification, Protection

Lavender - Love, Protection, Peace, Sleep

Licorice Root - Fidelity, Love, Lust

Lemon Balm - Depression, Love, Healing, Protection

Lemon Peel - Health, Healing, Protection

Marjoram - Protection, Love, Happiness, Health, Money

Meadowsweet - Balance, Divination, Harmony, Happiness

Mugwort - Strength, Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams

Mustard Seed - Fidelity, Protection, Mental Powers

Myrrh Gum - Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality

Nettle Leaf - Antidote,Courage, Exorcism, Healing, Lust, Protection

Oats - Money, Spells

Olive Leaf - Healing, Love, Peace, Protection

Passion Flower - Friendship, Peace, Sleep

Pennyroyal - Peace, Protection, Strength

Peppermint - Sleep, Love, Healing

Pine - Cleansing, Exorcism, Fertility, Healing, Money, Protection

Pink Salt - 100% Pure Himalayan 

Poke Root - Courage, Hex-Breaking

Poppy Seed - Fertility, Invisibility, Love, Success

Raspberry Leaf - Protection, Love, Magic

Red Clover - Love, Protection, Money, Success, Exorcism

Rice - Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money, Success

Rose Hips - Luck, Healing

Rosemary - Healing, Love, Lust, Memory, Protection

Sage - Fertility, Immortality, Healing, Protection, Wisdom, Wishes

Sea Salt - Protection, Purification

Senna Leaf - Love, Magic

Sesame Seed - Lust, Money, Spells

Shave Grass - Fertility, Snake Charming

Shepard's Purse - Healing, Spells and Rituals

Spearmint - Augmenting Power, Healing, Love, Luck, Strength

St John's Wort - Health, Protection, Strength, Happiness

Strawberry Leaf - Love, Luck

Thyme Leaf - Cleansing, Courage, Energy, Healing, Sleep

UVA URSI - Psychic Workings

Valerian Root - Love, Protection, Purification, Sleep

Vervain - Cleansing, Healing, Love, Money, Sleep

White Oak Bark - Healing, Money, Health, Fertility

White Willow Bark - Divination, Healing, Love, Protection

Wormwood - Calling Spirits, Divination, Love, Protection

Yarrow - Courage, Divination, Love, Exorcism