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The Chakra Collection

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This collection contains: Chakra Pyramid, Chakra Tumbled Stones, Large Chakra Tree of Life Pendant and various Chakra bracelets $20 

A pyramid made of stacked chakra crystals for restoring each of your sacred energy centers! Mega chakra healing magic here, my friends!

The CROWN CHAKRA and its corresponding AMETHYST gem works with your spirituality, connecting you to the Divine mind, Higher truth, and other realms.

The THIRD EYE CHAKRA and its corresponding BLUE AVENTURINE gem works with your mind’s eye to open consciousness, channel intuition, and trust in the Universe.

The THROAT CHAKRA and its corresponding LAPIS LAZULI gem works with your communication center to enhance your ability to speak your truth confidently and clearly.

The HEART CHAKRA and its corresponding GREEN AVENTURINE gem works with your heart center for healing, balance, and tranquility, opening you to give and receive love freely.

The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and its corresponding YELLOW CALCITE gem works with your inner power to help you find your creative and passionate flow, enabling a transformational shift forward.

The SACRAL CHAKRA and its corresponding SUNSTONE gem works with your inner power, inspiring you to take action and own your desires, while prompting creativity.

The ROOT CHAKRA and its corresponding RED JASPER gem works with your physical body to aid your in grounding, connecting with the Earth and creating stability in your life.